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Common Bicycling Injuries and How to Prevent them

Riding a bike can be a rewarding, yet challenging activity. As one of the best ways to maintain weight and improve your overall health, the intense cardio exercise works out the entire body at once. However, we often see patients with injuries, strains, and wear and tear on muscles and joints from bicycling. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and treat these common injuries.

Common Bicycling Injuries

We treat a variety of bicycling injuries, including:

Knee pain- Although bicycling is a low-impact sport, knee pain is one of the most voiced complaints from devoted cyclists. This is due to overuse from training or misalignments from the bicycle itself.

Neck Pain- Bicycling requires holding the weight of the head up for long periods of time, thus putting strain and fatigue on the neck. Additional causes of neck pain include the position of the handlebars, saddle, and bike fit.

Back Pain- Bicycling requires aggressive riding positions that can wreak havoc on your back. Back pain may increase if handlebars aren’t the proper length.

Hand Numbness- Numbness of the small and ring finger occurs due to pressure on the handlebars for a long period of time.

Hamstring- Hamstrings are one of the main muscle groups that are active during cycling. An injury or strain may occur due to overtraining or improper saddle position.

Preventing Bicycling Injuries

If your injury is from overuse, consider backing off your training and use ice to ease the pain and inflammation. If it’s not from overuse, try adjusting your seat or handlebars depending on the pain and aches you notice throughout your body.

Choose Jaffe Sports Medicine

Our team of physicians and licensed physical therapists can help you prepare your body to prevent injury, address dysfunction, and understand any performance issues.  Call Jaffe Sports Medicine in Naples and Ft. Myers today to prevent or treat bicycling injuries.