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Living with Chronic Migraines

Migraines can be debilitating, misunderstood, or even dismissed as just a headache. As a neurological disease, it’s important to understand that chronic migraines are physiological, not psychological. They have the ability to last all day long, every day of the month, wreaking havoc with work, school, and relationships.

Causes & Symptoms of Chronic Migraines

What causes a migraine for one person might not for someone else. Researchers have found several possible causes of chronic migraines, including environmental factors, genes, disorders of the central nervous system, and vascular problems. Common migraine triggers include stress, caffeine consumption, lack of nutrition and sleep, hormonal changes, weather changes, etc. Symptoms of a migraine can occur in various combinations, including moderate to severe pain, blurred vision, nausea, sensitivity to light, dizziness, and loss of appetite.

Naples & Fort Meyers Migraine Treatment

Our doctors will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of your migraines. From there, we can conclude if physical therapy is the best course of treatment. Our physical therapists will develop a customized treatment plan consisting of stretching, manual therapy, heat and ice treatment, and posture education. In addition, our physical therapists look for trigger points that might be contributing to your head pain.

Get Migraine Pain Relief

Migraines are more than just headaches. Don’t ignore head pain. Let our medical professionals diagnose your head pain and find the best course of action to alleviate you discomfort. Call Jaffe Sports Medicine in Naples and Ft. Myers today for your head pain relief.