Pain Management in Naples & Ft Myers, Florida

Under the direction of our board-certified physicians, our comprehensive pain program attempts to provide relief from acute and chronic pain. Our goal is to alleviate or ease your pain so you can return to an active and productive lifestyle. We utilize the latest interventional techniques with as little patient discomfort as possible. Our team works closely to diagnose and identify the exact origin of your pain and coordinates an appropriate treatment plan. Our pain management program is intended to help a person with pain regain control of his or her life. Keep in mind each patient is different and results may differ.

The Specialty of Chronic Pain Management

Pain management is a branch of medicine that focuses on relieving chronic pain. A pain management team consists of doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and physical therapy assistants. Not only are our doctors board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, our doctors have further training and an additional board certification in pain medicine and interventional pain management. Our pain management team is comprised of top health care providers that work directly with the patient to evaluate their pain and create a customized pain management strategy. Our goal is to utilize a variety of modalities to address specific conditions. We provide our patients with a well-balanced approach:


  • Comprehensive Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Fluoroscopic Guided Epidural Injections
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity Test (NCV)
  • Injury Diagnosis and Analysis
  • Nerve Blocks Epidural
  • Radio Frequency Ablations
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Viscosupplementation for Knees
  • Sports Medicine

Our Multi-Disciplinary Approach

At Jaffe Sports Medicine we are much more than a physical therapy clinic. The physicians closely follow the course of treatment with the other healthcare professionals on the team and are quickly able to make modifications as needed. Our patients experience faster and better results due to our multidisciplinary approach.

Managing pain requires a person’s dedication, commitment, and knowledge in order to achieve the best results. To start your pain management treatment, call Jaffe Sports Medicine today!