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Sports Medicine: Helping you Live, Work, and Play with Ease.

Is Surgery the Answer?

Before you consider surgery, consider the benefits of a non-surgical solution. There are some cases where surgery is the obvious first choice; however most sports injuries and common fractures can be comfortably managed by a primary care sports medicine physician. Sports injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. Consider the family day at the park, playing a wild game of kick ball and you unexpectedly twist or turn and experience pain in your knee.  Or perhaps you decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and now you are in pain. There are many possible circumstances that may lead to pain, and more important is to consider there is a possible solution to live pain-free.

Healing Takes Time.

There are some instances where you may have had surgery and need therapy to relieve pain and to promote quick and efficient healing. Healing is very individual which means each person will react to a similar surgery very differently. Most important thing to remember following a surgery; patience is a virtue. Follow the advice of your surgeon, expect six to eight weeks as standard time it takes for your body to heal, and most importantly listen to your body.

The overall benefits of Sports Medicine are good for your mind, body, and soul. Feeling good does not just happen; it takes a healthy balance of nutrition, exercise, and activities to strengthen your body and slow down the aging process. It is never too late to begin feeling well.