“If it wasn’t for Jaffe Sports Medicine off Immokalee Rd I don’t know what I would do. I have some debilitating spinal issues and it’s been next to impossible for me to find a PM clinic or physician that could provide relief without the use of narcotics. Dr. Levchenko has given me back a quality of life I thought was lost forever. His attention to detail combined with the methodical approach he uses to target specific areas of pain generators has been life changing. When it comes to injections I don’t want anyone but him, he’s simply the finest PM physician I have ever dealt with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”*

Richard K.


“Hi, my name is Jake H. I am 30 years old, and I live in Naples, Florida. I have always been in sports growing up, and I have always had the desire to stay in shape, but was never really a runner.  However, several years ago I was looking for a new hobby to keep me healthy and in shape. I saw an advertisement for a local 5k race. I ended up signing up, running the race and have been running ever since. Last year I ventured into triathlons as well. The 2nd Olympic Distance Triathlon was the AmeliaMan Triathlon at Fernandina Beach, Fl on October 17th, 2010. I had an awesome race, annihilating my previous Olympic distance time by over an hour. It was definitely one of my greatest performances in a race. However, unfortunately, about an hour after the race my left foot developed a severe pain whenever I would step down. I was supposed to jump right into marathon training the next week, so I was extremely worried. I had my foot x-rayed by a podiatrist, and the doctor did not see any signs of a break or crack in the foot. He instructed me to just stay off of it for a few days. I followed the instructions, and a week later I attempted to go for a run, and the pain immediately came back to my foot. I decided at that point maybe I should talk to a sports doctor instead of a podiatrist. I came across Jaffe Sports Medicine in Naples, Fl. Dr. Jaffe examined my foot and referred me to his physical therapy department. Over the course of a couple of weeks we would see how it healed. I informed him that I was eager to get back on my feet as quickly as possible as I had several races coming up. I had a Half Marathon in Panama City about a month after the time I saw Dr. Jaffe. He was optimistic that I could run that race. I believe I had 6 or 7 sessions where Malinda, my main physical therapist, would perform several modes of therapy. After a couple of weeks, my foot was feeling better and I was able to start running again, and gradually build up my distances. I was able to participate in the Panama City Half Marathon and I ran the race with no pain in my foot at all. For that I am super thankful to the Jaffe Sports Medicine crew including Dr. Jaffe, Malinda, Amy, Mandy, Tonya and Stephanie. The Panama City half marathon was a slow time, as I had only been back on my feet for a couple of weeks. When I ran the Naples Daily News Half Marathon on January 16, 2011, my goal was to beat my personal record of 1:48:32. I ended up not only beating my best time in a half marathon, but I beat it by over 6 minutes, and finished with time of 1:42:08!! I have never been more excited after a race ever. That was definitely the best race of my life. And the great news is, I had no pain whatsoever in my feet at all!”*

Jake H.


“Thank you all so much for all your effort in healing my knee in time for my wedding and honeymoon trip. Everyone in the office was so helpful and flexible to fit me in for treatments so that I could enjoy my wedding day! Not only did I not have any pain or discomfort for my wedding, I was also able to hike the Inca Trail for 4 days with absolutely no problem; other than the altitude and rain. I am very grateful to have been referred to your office and will always keep your team in mind should I have any further issues. Thank you again for helping to make my wedding and honeymoon an amazing and extremely memorable experience.”*

Kimberly M.


“I had experienced a rear end car accident one year ago. It left me with two herniated discs in my neck and lower back, and three bulging discs. I also have nerve damage in my upper left back and tingling numbness in my hands. Although I only attended Jaffe for five sessions the therapy has already helped the pain and pressure, that is a constant for me. The staff is lovely, upbeat, always very concerned and accommodating. I’ve had a wonderful experience with them. Thank you Jaffe.”*

Carol D.


“I have had chronic pain for several years. Prior doctors have not been able to help. After several weeks of therapy, injections, and medication I am pain free. I have gotten my quality of life back. Thank you. Your staff is friendly and caring, which in todays world is refreshing!”*

Reon M.


“First of all I want to thank you for helping me recover my movements in my arm. It’s amazing what you have done in such a short time. You are all fantastic people with special gifts, that god bestowed on you. You made an impact in my life and I am grateful to you all and god, that I am able to write again! The team of therapists is the best in town, friendly and professional. The building is clean, bright , welcoming and in a great location. Thank you to all of you again.”*

Petra C.


“Two visits to your facility, and I am most impressed. Stephanie took my first call. She is friendly and competent.  Rachel, Renee, Sarah, Bob and Wendy are great. Lauren, my therapist is excellent and considerate. My visits have been most pleasurable . Peter, you’re terrific as well. Your staff is a symbol of a complete lack of officious behavior that is frequently found elsewhere. Your staff is delightful, obviously well trained, and willing to assist one another. You operate on time, and you are expertly well organized. Lauren asked me how I was feeling today. With only one hour of treatment and a bit of homework , I was actually able to toss the tennis ball with my left arm enabling me to serve. It has been such a pleasant atmosphere. I probably will be cured and leaving soon.”*

B. William I.


“I want to thank you and your staff for helping me complete the recovery from my sciatic pain and impairment. I have been pain free for several weeks and have begun to reengage with golf..Nancy, who was the primary person who actually worked with me, did a terrific job understanding me and my symptoms and developed the program which evolved as I made progress. She was also very helpful explaining why what we were doing was so important for my progress. She also gave me a program to follow into the future so that I can delay, or hopefully avoid, a reoccurrence of my situation. I am extremely grateful for her professionalism, skill and direction! As seems to be the case with significant medical issues, there was also an entire team which was critical to my success. You, Cara and Eric were all key contributors to my happy outcome and I thank each one of you! I also want to thank Stephanie. I have never met someone who is so positive, efficient and cheerful. This is great when someone (like I was) is very concerned about what the outcome might be.”*

Charles D.


“Thanks to you Dr. Jaffe and your wonderful caring staff, who are so proficient at helping people feel better, move more freely, and helping to alleviate pain and suffering. You are healer in the truest sense of the word.  Thank you!”*

Nancy and Jack


“I wanted to drop you a note to thank you and your capable staff for their skills, interest in patient progress, positive attitude and plain hard work. When I walked through your doors just two months ago, after speaking with my doctors, I was convinced that no amount of physical therapy could make a difference in my condition. How I was wrong! I have a new name to describe your staff — “Miracle Workes”. My special thanks to Malinda, Amy and Bobby. And I won’t soon forget Stephanie who lit up my day every time I walked through your front door. I take my hat off (boy that is an old expression!) to the extended family I was part of for six (6) weeks. Best wishes for continued success in your new quarters.”*

John N.


“It is difficult for me to put into words the extraordinary experience of physical rehabilitation at your facility. The coordination and caring that was part of every session was phenomenal. From the moment you walk in the door and are greeted by Stephanie until you walk out after Mandy has “just one more” exercise you know you are in a special place. At any moment you’re being guided by Bob or Malinda or Amy or Matt or one of your other staff members without missing a beat. I know this is the result of a tremendous effort by all those involved. It made rehabilitation after my third hip replacement a pleasure rather than a chore. The result has been the best and most enjoyable golf for me in many years and the ability to travel and play ball with my grandchildren that was just impossible a year ago. I cannot fail to mention the ability of Stephanie and your staff to accommodate my ever changing schedule of personal and business events that made my appointments a moving target. You are all to be congratulated. Please accept my apology for names I have left out, I know there were a few.”*

Michael L.


“This thank you letter is long overdue but better late than never: thank you for your excellent care and kindness in treating my injuries this summer. I went from being in extreme pain and spasms virtually 24 hours a day, to being able to spar competitively in jiujiutsu and judo again. I tried a number of physicians with little results before seeing Dr. Jaffe.  His careful evaluation and the coordination of the entire rehabilitation team was exactly what I  needed. My deepest thanks to Malinda Mueller:  thank you for your expertise, good humor, patience to answer my many questions and willingness to kick my butt into shape when I was feeling lazy in those difficult first months. To Amy Wiggans, thank you for not only helping with my rehab but answering my endless questions regarding what to do in Naples, and for everything else that went beyond the call of duty. To Stephanie, thanks for waking me up with you enthusiasm, and making the office a fun, HIGH energy environment. To Jess and Cara, thank you for your friendly, thorough and patient care on the doctor’s side. You all made a huge difference- THANKS”*

Steven A.


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