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Trigger Point Exercises for Neck Pain

Neck pain can be incredibly painful, debilitating, and sometimes difficult to treat. The pain may be associated with a pulled muscle or pinched nerve and often happens as a result of irritation in the facet joints of the lower cervical vertebrae. The irritation causes the muscles around the shoulder blades to ache with throbbing pain. These muscles are known as trigger points. Here are the best trigger point exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home every day.

Trigger Point Exercises

Foam Roller

Not only are foam rollers an inexpensive and effective way to help alleviate trigger point pain, but they also improve circulation and accelerate recovery. Simply roll over tight spots or trigger points to relax the muscle. Repeat this at least 20 times every day to reap the numerous benefits.

Aerobic Exercise

Try aerobic exercises that will engage the muscles in your neck, increase blood flow, and filter out toxins. We recommend safe exercises, including swimming, jumping jacks, walking, skating, dance, paddle-boarding, and marital arts.

Chin Tucking

This common neck strengthening exercise should be done every day to prevent neck pain, help with stabilization, and improve posture. To perform the exercise, move your chin towards your chest and hold for 4 seconds. Repeat at least 10 times.

How Jaffe Medicine Can Help You

We help you rehabilitate your neck after injury or wear by utilizing approved pain management techniques, including physical therapy, soft tissue mobilization, traction, and manual therapy. Our cutting edge treatments promote total body wellness. Call our office today to see how Jaffe Medicine can help you relieve your neck pain!