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Jaffe Sports Medicine is a Naples physical therapy and pain management practice founded in 1995 by Doctor Peter Jaffe. The center is built upon Dr. Jaffe’s vision to create a medical practice staffed by the areas leading specialists to provide comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation under one roof. If you have had a recent injury or are experiencing pain, schedule an evaluation and let our team of team of physical therapy physicians get to the root of your condition. Our approach at Jaffe Sports Medicine includes surgical and non-surgical treatments that relieve pain, promote healing, and prevent future injury.

  • Sports Medicine

    At Jaffe Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in Naples, Florida we provide a personalized, comprehensive and holistic approach to physical and sports... Continue...

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  • Pain Management

    According to some estimates, 86 million Americans suffer from some level of chronic pain, including headaches, backache, cancer and arthritis pain.... Continue...

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  • Physical Therapy

    Naples Physical Therapy At Jaffe Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, we provide our patients with individualized and comprehensive physical therapy... Continue...

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Lymphedema Therapy

The symptoms of lymphedema are caused by problems in the lymphatic system, which is a large network of ducts and vessels similar to the circulatory system except that the lymph flows inside the vessels instead of blood. The lymphatic system is responsible for collecting waste from all regions of the body and transporting it in […]

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P-STIM is an auricular electroacupuncture device; this means the tiny device delivers continuous electrical stimulation through tiny needles to specific acupuncture points, known as acupoints, in the patient’s ear. Using auricular acupoints is effective because the ear offers many points for acupuncture stimulation in a very small area. P-STIM Treatments are Fast, Pain-free, and Effective […]

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Balance Testing & VNG

Balance disorders are annoying and they can be downright dangerous when they lead to falls and injuries. Finding the root causes of balance problems, however, can be elusive. The professionals at Jaffe Sports Medicine use a wide variety of advanced diagnostics including balance testing and videonystagmography, or VNG, to determine the cause of a patient’s […]

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