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    Treatments Tailored to You

    Full Body Pain Solution

    Treatments Tailored to You

    Your pain is unique to you. So our treatments are uniquely tailored for your body and your issues. Our expert staff knows how to effectively pinpoint the cause of your pain, recommend a treatment plan to prevent further injury, and ultimately find a solution that brings you the relief and recovery you need to get back to your life.

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      Your pain is unique, as is our solution

      We pride ourselves on continually offering the latest, cutting-edge treatments with a focus on treating your pain conditions quickly, effectively, and with minimal downtime.


      A common issue, when headaches occur repeatedly and affect your daily routine, it’s time to seek an expert to pinpoint the problem and find a solution.


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      Neck Pain Treatment in Cape Coral, FL

      Neck Pain

      Muscle tension in your neck can create persistent aches and pains that make everyday tasks unbearable. The source of your neck pain may also be playing a contributing factor in pain you’re experiencing from other issues as well.


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      Back Pain Treatment in Naples, Fort Myers & Cape Coral, FL

      Back Pain

      With estimates suggesting that nearly 25% of the population suffers from back pain at any given time, it’s also one of the most common issues we treat. So if you’re back pain is limiting your ability to work and enjoy your life, give us a call—we have the expertise to help.





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      Rear Delt Condition in Cape Coral, FL

      Shoulder Pain

      We use our arms and shoulders for almost every activity and movement we do. When shoulders are unstable or weak, they can pull posture out of alignment, creating a number of other issues that can become very painful.

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      Elbow, Hand & Wrist Pain

      The hand, wrist, and elbow are critical to our everyday life—which is also why we see patients with overuse injuries from repetitive motions fairly often. Our personalized care in diagnosing and treating overuse injuries means our patients regain full use of their hands and arms as quickly as possible.



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      Knee Pain

      Most often associated with general wear and tear from daily activities, knee pain can also affect athletes who run, jump, or quickly pivot. Whether knee pain is caused by aging or injury, our team of experts works with you to diagnose and treat the underlying issue and give you back your mobility.





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      Ankle & Foot Pain

      An injury, arthritis, or another condition that affects the foot or ankle and causes pain and discomfort as you step can be incredibly debilitating. Don’t leaving these issues untreated—our team of specialists can help you get back to the work, exercise, and daily life you enjoy.


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      Hip Pain Treatment by Jaffe Sports Medicine

      Hip Pain

      Used for sitting, standing, and walking, hip joints are one of the body’s largest weight-bearing joints and play a critical role in retaining balance. If hip joints are causing pain, the risk for potentially dangerous falls and injury can be very high. Our team of experts knows how to relieve hip pain and offers various treatments to help.


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      Joint Pain

      Joint pain can be caused by arthritis, injury, infection of the joints, fibromyalgia, or even depression. Getting the correct diagnosis is critical to managing the condition and relieving the joint pain. Our staff of experts uses the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure your treatment is effective and long-lasting.




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