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    One Team Specializing in Your Treatment

    One Team Specializing in Your Treatment

    Jaffe Sports Medicine focuses on four primary disciplines: Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, and Pain Management. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to tailor your treatment and care with staff working within their fields of expertise. The result: you get the best chances for recovery with a certified staff of specialists all operating as a team.

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      Your pain is unique, as is our solution

      We pride ourselves on continually offering the latest, cutting-edge treatments with a focus on treating your pain conditions quickly, effectively, and with minimal downtime.

      Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

      Sports injuries, car accidents, post-surgery rehabilitation, etc., physical therapy gives you the tools and guidance to manage pain, improve performance, and get back to enjoying what you love to do.



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      Interventional Pain Management

      Utilizing the latest interventional techniques under the direction of our board-certified physicians, we provide relief from acute and chronic pain with as little patient discomfort as possible.

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      Orthopedic Surgery

      From sports injuries and joint replacement to fractures and spinal deformities, our expert orthopedic surgeons employ the latest techniques and practices to give you back your mobility and improve your quality of life.


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      Measuring how well your muscles respond to nerve signals as well as how active and strong your nerve’s electrical impulses are, EMG and NCV are powerful tools our team can use to properly diagnose neuromuscular disorders and get you on the road to recovery faster.


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      Fluoroscopic Guided Injections

      Creating incredibly detailed images of a particular body part and its motion, fluoroscopy is used to guide injections to ensure minimal pain and maximal injection accuracy. With the help of the fluoroscopy, small doses of anesthetic can be injected in the precise location of pain.


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