Find Head Pain Relief in Naples & Ft Myers

Headaches are a common condition marked by pain and discomfort in the head and neck. Head pain can be caused by lifestyle factors such as a lack of sleep, injury, or an underlying medical condition. The pain can range from slightly irritating to almost unbearable, depending on the cause. Before beginning treatment for your chronic head pain, our physicians will perform an initial evaluation to determine what methods to use for your head pain relief.

How Do We Treat Head Pain?

Once we have determined the cause of the patients head pain, we determine if it would be beneficial to treat with physical therapy. Our therapists will proceed with stretching and manual therapy to try and alleviate all or some of the pain the patient is experiencing.  During treatment, our physical therapists look for trigger points that might be contributing to your head pain.

Our Doctors Have the Experience You Need

Our multidisciplinary medical center is comprised of experienced and caring doctors that provide the best care in head pain relief. You can rely on the highly trained professionals at Jaffe Sports Medicine to treat your condition with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools currently available. Don’t ignore head pain. Let our medical professionals diagnose your head pain and find the best course of action to improve your discomfort. Call Jaffe Sports Medicine today for your head pain relief.