Dr. Chaturani Ranasinghe, M.D

Dr. Chaturani Ranasinghe, M.D

Dr Ranasinghe

Dr. Chaturani Ranasinghe, M.D


Fort Myers

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Cape Coral

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Chaturani Ranasinghe, M.D is a Double Board-Certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Medicine physician. She graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 2006 and then concluded a residency in Anesthesiology at Jackson Memorial Hospital with the University of Miami.

Chaturani Ranasinghe, completed her Pain Management Fellowship at the prestigious New York University Medical Center, one of the country’s highest-rated programs, where top experts trained her in the field of pain medicine. Upon completing her fellowship, she practiced as faculty at both NYU and the University of Miami, at the Pain Institute, while also serving as the Director of the Wellness Center in the Department of Anesthesiology. She was appointed the Director of the Pain Medicine fellowship at the university and was an enthusiastic and inspiring educator, teaching future pain doctors that pain medicine is as much an art as it is a highly trained skill.

Chaturani Ranasinghe is educated and experienced in all aspects of pain management, including the entire range of pain management procedures. However, she began to notice a trend in her patient’s request for more holistic pain relief options. She took it upon herself to learn and utilize acupuncture in her treatments and incorporated other alternative healing methods into managing pain. With an academic focus, she made it a point to gather the available literature and evidence for all treatments. She is an active member of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, an internationally renowned institution that promotes alternative and Western modalities in a patient-centric model. With her knowledge in advanced medicine, she will be a vital asset to jaffe Sports Medicine and our patients.